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Become Your
Best Self

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Hi, my name is Dave Burrington and I'm passionate about leadership.  After 20 years as a leader I've learned so many things, experienced plenty of success and made a lot of mistakes.  The smart person learns from their mistakes but a wise one learns from the mistakes of others.  


I wanted to use this space to share my experiences in the hope that you can feel encouraged wherever you are in your leadership journey.  


If you are new to leadership or are thinking about answering the call of leadership, I hope you can learn from someone who has gone before you and take what I've done and make it better!  Just as I have learned so much from the so many wonderful leaders out there, I hope to help you unlock your potential to be a great leader! 


I believe anyone can be a leader.  Even if it is just leadership over our own lives.  We are all responsible to some degree with how our life turns out, even if we don't control every circumstance, we always control how we react to it.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my site but more importantly, thank you for investing in yourself!

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