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Our Vision:  To see everyone become a leader.  We believe anyone can be a leader.  Even if it is just leadership over our own lives.  We are all responsible to some degree about how our life turns out, even if we don't control every circumstance, we always control how we react to it.

Our Mission: To create and encourage leaders.   We hope this site encourages and supports growth in other leaders.  We also hope to inspire others to take up the mantle of leadership, through encouragement, instruction, challenges and connections to fellow leaders.

Our content is a combination of leadership lessons from history, practical advice for thriving as a leader today, "how to" articles and so much more.

We believe that anyone can be a leader if they are willing to put in the work.  We sincerely hope that you find value in the content we provide and that it encourages you to be a better leader or to become one!

Want to get in touch with us directly?  Reach out to us at

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