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Welcome to The Leadership Mission

where emerging leaders develop faster with our practical tools and resources. We provide a wealth of free information and guidance to help you achieve your full potential and become a better leader in all aspects of your life.

> Increase your knowledge

> Broaden your perspective

> Take charge of your development

Feeling stagnant as a leader?

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If you are feeling like you aren't growing (or growing fast enough) as a leader, don't worry, it's normal.  Especially if you've asked your boss or others for feedback in the past and you've felt their answers weren't helpful.  It can be even worse if you've had to work for bad leaders that offer criticism instead of helpful feedback. 

It can be a real struggle to find quality resources dedicated to growing emerging leaders.  Programs, trainings and courses are often dedicated to either brand new leaders or experienced leaders. They can also often come with a hefty price tag!


At The Leadership Mission, we want to help fill that gap for those leaders feeling stagnant in their leadership journey.  We want to provide a trusted online resource geared towards empowering emerging leaders to take control of their own development.  

No one cares about your development as much as you.  We care about it a LOT and it's our mission to see you succeed but we can't ever care as much as you do because we aren't you.  Stop putting off your personal development and take time to invest in yourself today!

Take Charge of Your Own Development

However satisfied you are with your leadership growth, there is never a better time than now to take charge of your own development.  The Leadership Mission is here to help!

Leadership Courses

Access courses as they roll out designed to increase your skills and effectiveness.

Leadership Videos

Check out our library of 60 second leadership lessons

Video/Podcast/Book Recommendations

No more sifting through material to find quality, we do the hard work for you!


What makes you a subject matter expert?

The sites owner, Dave Burrington, has over 20 years of leadership experience having the privilege of leading many, many people during that time.  


Much of what is shared here comes from the personal successes (and failures) I've experienced!  The smart person learns from their own mistakes but the wise person learns from another person's mistakes!  Check out our about us section to learn more!

How quickly can I expect to grow as a leader?

That depends on the effort you put into it!  We can give you all of the tools in the world but if you don't put in the work, you will not see the results.

How do I know my data is secure?

Our site is hosted through Wix and is protected through their system.  To read all about the security they employ check out their help center article.

You can also check out our site's privacy policy.

How do I contact you with any issues?

You can reach us anytime at and we will get back to you no later than 48 hours!

Ready to take charge of your leadership development?  Join now and get growing!

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