6 Reasons to Be Humble as a Leader

A humble man with folded hands looking directly at the camera

The world is full of leaders that are full of themselves. The ability to be humble can be difficult even for those not in leadership positions. We all know someone who's ego can inflate like a bubble and is often just as fragile. To be humble, one must think less highly of themselves than they should.

Humility is often mistaken for weakness, lack of self esteem or insecurity. Those comparisons are far from fair however and fall short of capturing what humility actually is. The ability to be humble requires a strong mind and heart with an ability to accept that we are not perfect. Author C.S. Lewis said it best.

Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less - C.S. Lewis

Accepting you aren't perfect, does not mean you don't have value. Giving others credit does not mean you didn't contribute. Admitting a mistake doesn't make you weak, it makes you wise. Understanding these key characteristics of being humble can open a whole new perspective for you.

We are going to walk through six reasons you should be humble as a leader. When put into practice, humility can take you far and can bring others along with you. You will learn more, connect better with others and ultimately go further than you ever will with an ego. Having pride in who you are and the work you produce is important but there must be a balance. The goal is to find the balance between pride (not ego) and humility!


Reason #1 - A humble person empowers others

One man on an iPad talking to three women

A humble leader impacts those around them in many positive ways. Many of these impacts are indirect signals to those in their circle of influence. These subconscious cues make it okay to:

  • Make mistakes

  • Try new things

  • Make decisions

  • Step up and lead

  • Take accountability

When a leader is humble enough to know that all productivity and results come from the team and not just them, the team is empowered. Whether it is teammates, colleagues, kids or anyone the l