4 Easy Body Language Tips to Project Confidence

woman confidently shaking hands with a man

Most people understand that communication is important. However, many people make the mistake of thinking communication begins and ends with the written or spoken word. There is another form of nonverbal communication that "speaks" to people just as loudly. Body language is a form of nonverbal communication from a person that is extremely important.

Why is body language important? Body language and posture is important because it often communicates so much more than the words we use. Our bodies are constantly sending nonverbal communication signals. The posture of a person can impact how they make people feel, or how they perceive them. This can be more important than what they say to them.

Understanding body language really means understanding how the body of a person is positioned. The person's body gives nonverbal communication cues to those around them about their interest in what is happening. Most people send these nonverbal cues subconsciously with their body posture.

People read body language all the time, in business meetings, on dates or in social situations. Taking cues from positive body language or negative body language is a great way to gauge the mood or attitude of a person. Reading body language is one of the critical skills people to be successful. If you are hoping to answer the call of leadership then this is one of the tools you absolutely need in your toolbox.

Reading body language

How many times have you had a conversation with someone and they seem distracted? Perhaps you've experienced trying to discuss something at work and your colleague seems opposed to everything you are saying? They might say they are paying attention or that they agree with you but their body language suggests otherwise.

Additionally, you might feel that you aren't perceived the way you wish you were. Perhaps you get unfairly characterized as shy, quiet or insecure. If you feel that you get mischaracterized, your body language might be why. People around you are judging your personality based on your body language.

Being aware of what your body language is communicating to others is crucial to functioning in the world around you. Whether it is building relationships, showing empathy or projecting confidence, you can't ignore what your body or posture might be saying.

If you want to appear more genuine, authentic and confident with others, then working on your body language will certainly help! People will begin to notice the change pretty quickly!

Follow these tips we've prepared below and you will start to see an immediate impact!

Tip #1 - Stop crossing your arms and legs